September Tech Talk

“How To Set Yourself Apart as a Great Entry Level Tech Hire”
We are excited to bring an all-star panel together for a talk about how to position yourself for your first entry-level technical job. You will get actionable ideas about how to differentiate yourself as an entry-level hire to land your first job in technology successfully. 
Our panelists bring the perspectives of a  tech recruiter and software engineering exec who both hired hundreds of engineers, and a data scientist who recently landed his first position with a high-profile Aviation company.
Our Panelists
Bob Vallone has worked in software startup companies in the Bay Area for over 30 years.  Early on he worked at Hewlett Packard, Go Corporation, and Silicon Graphics, then as VP of Software Engineering and Operations at TiVo.  His most recent startups were in Video Analytics and 3D Modeling and printing for Biomedical applications.  Bob is now focused on advising executives and founders of software startup companies.  Bob has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology from Stanford University and has been awarded numerous patents.  Checkout Bob’s LinkedIn Profile 
Anders Poirel is a data scientist at Joby Aviation, which is working to make electrified air transport accessible to all. Before that, he worked on sleep trackers at Fullpower Technologies. He also did research on generative models for genotypes at the UCSC Genomics Institute, and on container technology for improving the replicability of computational research at the Center for Research in Open Source Software.  Anders earned a double major from UCSC in Computational Mathematics and Computer Science. Checkout Ander’s LinkedIn Profile
Tom Crahen, our moderator, spent many years as a technology recruiter in a firm he founded filling customer-facing roles for cybersecurity software vendors. Tom started in cyber security at McAfee and earned an MS in Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BS in Economics from Miami University. Checkout Tom’s LinkedIn Profile

During this Tech Talk we will discuss:

  • the importance of participating in independent projects (group and individual)
  • participation in hackathons and competitions
  • using linked in and slack to network and find jobs, and perhaps a mentor
  • how to plan a marketing campaign to find a first job or internship
  • and more!