Perkins Core Indicator Training

Core Indicator training hosted by Robin Harrington, a twenty-six-year veteran in State Administration of the Carl D. Perkins Act (Perkins II to V) for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and three years as an independent contractor for sixteen California Community College Districts. The Perkins Core Indicator Training was brought to you by BACCC and and the Contra Costa Community College District on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Topics covered include:

Overview of Federal & State Negotiating

  • Negotiations
  • Evaluating Performance Targets
  • Failing to Meet Performance Targets

Requirements for Core Indicator Review Accountability

  • Section 113 Accountability
  • Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment
  • 2, 4, 6-digit Application Program Review

Understanding Accountability Definitions

  • Overall Analyzing of Core Indicators Gaps
  • Reasons for Odd Data or No Data
  • What to Look for in Core Indicators
  • How to Review Core Indicator Data