K12 SWP Fiscal Reporting

In this “How To” video the makers of NOVA, ProductOps, present how to complete K12 SWP Fiscal Reporting in the NOVA platform.


  • Even though you budget by fiscal year, and you track your expenditures by fiscal year, NOVA reporting is cumulative, so there is no annual “carry over”.
  • NOVA is a cumulative reporting system. So if in Q1 you report $20,000, then the minimum amount required to be reported in Q2 is $20,000. If you want to report $5,000 in Q2, you would report $25,000 (20,000 from Q1 + 5,000 from Q2). If you entered $5,000 in Q2, then it would be like you have negative -$15,000 in expenditures.

Q2 FY2021-22 Fiscal Reports Due February 28, 2022